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Keep Yourself Emergency Aware

Emergency Information

The Council's Emergency Planning Group meets regularly and, with its statutory partners, look to its role in potential emergency situations.

As the this cold snap hits it is sensible to have important emergency contact numbers in the event of these services being needed.

Also know how to turn off your water,electricity and gas supplies and where these connection feeds are in your home.

You can sign up to receive email alerts about severe weather on the Met Office website by clicking here 

Make sure you have adequate buildings and contents insurance that covers you for any risks in your area e.g. flood damage.

Weather Warnings

Details of weather warnings can be found here

Information is updated online at:


Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

The following pages have useful tips and advice on how to deal with adverse weather conditions.  

Save these numbers on your mobile phone so you can access advice quickly when needed.

Emergency Services 999 or 112
Northern Ireland Housing Executive 03448 920 901
Northern Ireland Electricity 03457 643 643
NI Gas Emergency Service 0800 002 001
Northern Ireland Water Waterline 03457 440088
Flooding Incident Line 0300 2000 100


British Red Cross Emergency App

This unique app delivers real-time alerts, severe weather warnings and practical advice in an emergency.

Find out more and download the Emergency App


General Household Emergency Life-Saving Plan

You can download a General Household Emergency Life-Saving Plan by clicking here.  You can complete the plan and keep it safe in case you need it.