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Community Support Grant 2018/2019

Community Support Grant Programme

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council developed the Community Support Grant programme to support Community Development groups, operating within the Council area, with the costs associated with running the organisation to deliver Community Development results. The Community Support Grant Programme has been designed within the context of the Council’s new Community Development framework to support the Community and Voluntary sector to grow and develop whilst increasing skills within local organisations to deliver services based on need.

The Council has adopted the following definition of Community Development and will consider funding support, under this scheme, for organisations that can demonstrate how the work of their organisation meets this definition;

Definition of Community Development
Community development enables people to work collectively to bring about positive social change. This long term process starts from people’s own experience and enables communities’ to work together to:
• Identify their own needs and actions
• Take collective action using their strengths and resources
• Develop their confidence, skills and knowledge
• Challenge unequal power relationships• Promote social justice, equality and inclusion

Through the Community Support Programme Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is seeking to support organisations that can clearly demonstrate how they contribute to the following:

• Increase skills to further promote community development
• Building Good Relations
• Increased community engagement and participation
• Increased effective partnership working
• Improved sustainability of the community sector
• Increased working within and between communities
• Working together to identify local solutions to local needs

Within this specific grant category, the Council will make awards contributing to the reasonable incurred running costs of community development organisations to enable them to continue to develop their skills and support project delivery.

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To view the Council's Community Support Grant Policy and Guidance document please click here