The Lisburn & Castlereagh Strategic Community Planning Partnership is engaging with the community sector to develop Locality Plans in partenrship with the Carnegie Trust.  This will be done in a phased approach with the pilot District Electoral Areas (DEAs) being Lisburn South and Castlereagh East.

To support and inform these plans all the partner agencies and departments involved in the Partnership were asked to provide information on their projects and/or investments in each DEA under three headings (where applicable):
➢ Support of a social nature.
➢ Physical projects.
➢ Economic support and initiatives.

At workshops a document was provided to local community group representatives.  It contains what the community planning partners are planning to do in these two areas. It allowed these two communities to see what the agencies and departments are doing and to draw on this information when contributing their views on what the priorities in the Locality Plans should be.

Lisburn South and Castlereagh East

To read the document on planned partner projects (click here)

Infographic for Lisburn South demographics

Infographic on Castlereagh East demographics