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Affordable Warmth Scheme

The Affordable Warmth Scheme provides an  opportunity to help improve the health and wellbeing of LCCC residents. Working in partnership with The Department of Social Development (DSD), and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE), the scheme aims to reduce fuel poverty and health inequalities using a targeted approach for identified properties across the LCCC area by carrying out grant funded energy improvements.

Home Assessment Officers from LCCC carry out assessments of privately owned or privately rented properties to assess eligible for assistance. The properties identified by the target list are those that are most likely to fall into the fuel poverty category as designated by statisticians from the Ulster University.

Home visits can be arranged with LCCC officers to guide and assist occupants through the eligibility process for this funded scheme and identify measures of energy improvements that are most likely to have the greatest improvement impact for the homes.

Measures undertaken can include;

  • cavity and solid wall insulation,
  • loft insulation,
  • draught proofing,
  • boiler and heating replacement
  • window replacement.

How do you know if you are eligible?

If you own your own home or privately rent and have a total gross annual household income of less than £20,000, you may be entitled to get help under this scheme.

You can arrange a visit from The Home Assessment Officers of LCCC by contacting the team on 028 9244 7557.

The team may also advise on home safety, other funding mechanisms and onward referrals to schemes such as NISEP and Make the Call programmes.

The 'A Warmer Home That Saves You Energy' leaflet provides additional information that you may find useful.