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Topic Guidance

Junior Section (P6 & P7)

“The Adventures of a Waste Warrior”

Waste is all around us and is a big problem. The battle to reduce, reuse and recycle is tough!
Your mission is to become a role model and help in the fight to combat waste!
Do not worry you are not alone in your quest, many other Warriors in Northern Ireland are trying to do the same but to win; you must be the best and leave no bin unturned. 
We all have choices on what we buy and what bin our waste goes in. The ideal Waste Warrior is devoted to the cause of waste reduction, reuse and recycling and changing our throw-away behaviour!
You might want to tell us about your adventures tackling waste problems, how you can help to increase waste reduction and reduce waste going to landfill at both home and school. How you have tackled your friends and family to do better by wasting less and recycling more.
You may look into how society thinks of waste and how waste is recycled. What will you change? What have you changed? What will you do to show others to help the cause? 

The Senior Section (Y8, Y9 & Y10)

“Let’s Send Our Waste to a Better Place”

We all have a choice of what we buy and how we dispose of our waste. The waste disposal method we choose will impact on the Environment, do you simply throw things away or do you reduce, reuse and recycle?
Where does your waste go after you throw it in the bin? You should explore how Councils are managing your waste and the benefits of ‘sending our waste to a better place’.
What are the better options? Explore how sending your waste to a better place can reduce or eliminate waste going to landfill and other possible environmental benefits.
You could look at other technologies that are in place and that are being developed for future use and how these can reduce waste.
You could look at how other counties manage their waste and send their waste to better places.