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Reuse Schemes in the Council area

Recycling Hotline

028 9250 9453

The reuse of furniture and bicycles can only take place at The Cutts Household Recycling Centre, at present.  

The Council is hopes to expand this service to other sites in the future and any updates will placed on the website.


Donate your unwanted or left over paint at your local Household Recycling Centre

The Council in partnership with the East Belfast Mission offers a paint re-use scheme at all the Household Recycling Centres. The Re-Paint scheme aims to prevent reusable, leftover paint from going to waste while assisting those in need.

East Belfast Mission uses the paint in refurb projects and also sells directly to the public through the restore charity shops in Belfast, Newtownards, Larne and Antrim. All income generated goes back into the social and community projects at East Belfast Mission.

So if you are clearing out the garage or shed or anywhere else and you have half used tins of paint – they can be put them to good use and help save the environment! 

Please Note: The project can accept most unwanted paint products, although any paint containers marked with an orange hazardous symbol cannot be accepted. 


Donate your unwanted Bicycles at the Cutts Household Recycling Centre

The Council in partnership with East Belfast Mission operates a bicycle reuse scheme. This project involves the repair and refurbishment of bicycles.

If you have an unwanted bicycle you would like to donate this can be taken to the Cutts Household Recycling Centre.

If bikes are in poor condition they are still acceptable! They are then stripped down for spare parts. So clear out the garage, the shed or wherever those old bikes are hiding and recycle your bicycle!! 

You can purchase repaired bicycles at the Recycle bike shop at the Skainos building on the Newtownards Road Belfast. Please see for more information.


Re-use Scheme at The Cutts Household Recycling Centre 

Why not donate any unwanted furniture and bicycles, to the Councils Re-use scheme at the Cutts, Household Recycling Centre. Simply tell a staff member at the site and they can give you more information.

The Council is working in partnership with the East Belfast Mission to collect any items that can be reused instead of being recycled or landfilled. This includes suites of furniture (good quality wooden, or cloth material), wardrobes or occasional furniture such as tables and chairs. East Belfast Mission then strip and recover suites and repair and refurbish wood items before selling on through the restore shops. Please see for more information.