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Order a Bin

Need a General Waste Bin
Landfill bins

The Council does not sell landfill bins.  It is the householder’s responsibility to source and supply their own landfill bin. If you have a large family or medical waste, see section 3 below.  When purchasing your bin please ensure your bin meets the following requirements:

  • The colour of the bin must be black (dark grey)
  • The container size must be 240 litres capacity or smaller
  • The container should conform to the European Standard EN 840: 2012
Further information and advice can be obtained by contacting the Council on:

Recycling bins

If you do not have a blue, green or brown recycling bin, you can request a bin* by calling:

*Charges may apply for the supply and delivery of recycling bins
Brown bins are restricted to one bin per household.

Phasing in of Green Recycling Bins

Former Castlereagh Borough Council residents who require a replacement or new recycling bin will receive a green bin as of July 2016.

There are currently 3,600 householders in the former Castlereagh Borough Council area that have a blue bin for recycling. In order to help reduce any confusion and streamline services, a green recycling bin will be provided to any householders requiring a new or replacement recycling bin (charges may apply for the supply and/or delivery of recycling bins).

All current blue recycling bins will still be emptied and there is no plan to replace blue bins on mass however over time the blue bin will be phased out with green becoming the standard colour for recycling bins in the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area.

Need a larger bin?

Families can make an application for larger or additional general waste bins if there are six or more permanent residents, or if additional waste is created due to a medical condition.

Complete the online form by clicking here

or  Tel: 028 9250 9453 or email: