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Report a problem with your bin

Report a problem with your bin
Residents are advised that compacting material or overloading bins may cause structural damage to the bin.
Bins which are overloaded or overfilled will not be emptied. Bins with faulty wheels will not be handled by operatives on the grounds of Health and Safety.
Bins which are showing signs of wear and tear or damage must be replaced by the householder.
Please contact the relevant section below: 
Bin not emptied on scheduled day 028 9267 3417
Bin is damaged during collection 028 9267 3417
Need a larger or additional bins

028 9250 9453 or 028 9049 4600

Complete the online form by clicking here

Need assistance with your collection (Unable to present your bin due to mobility issues)

028 9250 9453

Complete the online form by clicking here

Bins with a contaminated sticker 028 9250 9453