Local Waste Collection Points

Dedicated parked up council refuse collection vehicles will be in place at 6 locations on:

  • Saturday 2nd May (10am-12pm)
  • Wednesday 6th May (5pm – 7pm) and
  • Saturday 9th May (10am - 12pm)

to enable householders to dispose of additional household waste, which may have accumulated over the past few weeks.

Commercial waste will not be accepted for disposal.


  • Dundonald International Ice Bowl
  • Dundrod Pits, Hannahstown Road
  • Lagan Valley LeisurePlex, Lisburn
  • Lough Moss Leisure Centre, Carryduff
  • Maghaberry Community Centre, Maghaberry
  • The front reception area of Drumlough Household Recycling Centre (the actual facility is NOT OPEN)

How do I use this service?

Step 1. Choose the closest location to your home.

Step 2. Arrive at the site and join the back of the queue as directed by the staff on site, behind the refuse collection vehicle. You will be asked to show your ID at this stage.

Step 3. When you reach the top of the queue wait until you are called forward by a member of staff.

Step 4. When called forward you may exit your vehicle and place a maximum of 6 bags of household waste into a bin at the back of the refuse collection vehicle. Only one resident should exit each vehicle.

** Do not touch the refuse collection vehicle or throw waste directly into the vehicle **

Step 5. Return to your vehicle and leave the site as directed.

Please ensure that you follow social distancing and hygiene recommendations at all times while you are disposing of waste.

This will be a busy service; while we will endeavour to keep traffic flowing, you should expect to wait in traffic queue.  Please only use this service if it is essential and you cannot dispose of the waste through your normal kerbside collection service.

Rules to ensure proper use of the service:

  • Anyone using this service must bring ID with proof of address; this service is only for residents of Lisburn Castlereagh.
  • No more than 6 bags of waste will be accepted from any resident.
  • Commercial/business waste will not be accepted.
  • If you or anyone in your home is self-isolating or has Covid-19 symptoms, you MUST NOT use the service.
  • To protect our staff they cannot remove any bagged waste from vehicles or assist with placing bags into the bin.
  • Respect our staff, unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, CCTV and/or body cameras will be in operation.


What can I dispose of at the refuse collection vehicle?

You can dispose of a maximum of 6 bags of household waste. Additional bags, loose waste, unbagged garden waste and larger items will not be accepted. Please do not bring these items with you as refusal may offend.

Can the council help me to dispose of my waste at a location?

Our staff cannot handle any waste being brought to the refuse collection vehicles. If you require assistance to remove waste from your vehicle to place in the bin, please bring a member of your household with you. If you bring children with you, they must not leave your vehicle.

I don’t have access to a vehicle, can I still bring bags of waste?

No, we expect that these areas will be busy with many vehicles, to protect the safety of our residents we cannot allow anyone to walk to the area. Only cars, small vans and small trailers will be permitted.

Will the refuse collection vehicles be in the area again?

Refuse collection vehicles will be at each of the locations on Saturday 2nd May (10am-12pm), Wednesday 6th May (5pm-7pm) and Saturday 9th May (10am – 12pm). There are currently no plans for additional dates.

I don’t live near these locations; will you provide this service in different areas?

We chose these locations to ensure this service is available to as many of our residents as possible. We will not be able to provide this service in any additional areas.

Can I bring a van or trailer?

 Small vans, small trailers or cars can be brought to these sites, however only 6 bags of household waste will be accepted for disposal. Other vehicles will not be permitted. Commercial/business waste will not be accepted.

I have more questions who can I speak to?

You can contact 028 9267 3417 during office hours or email wheeliebox@lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk