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Get rid of large unwanted household items

028 9267 3417


Before you ask us to collect an unwanted item, can you get rid of it another way?

  • If it's in good condition, is it possible that you may be able to give it to someone who could use it?

           If not

If you are not able to take large unwanted household items to the recycling centre, the Council can collect these items from your home.

  • To arrange a collection please Tel: 028 9267 3417 or Email:
  • When sending in a request please ensure you have a daytime telephone number included so that you can be contacted, if required.
  • The Council will collect up to 3 items at one time - Free of Charge.  
  • A maximum of 3 Free of Charge collections will be provided, per household, per year.  
  • Additional collections will incur a charge of £10 for up to three items to be applied to all households. This payment is non-refundable and must be made in advance of the collection.


  • Items that are too big or heavy for two people to move and lift safely into a vehicle.
  • Items that are dangerous to lift, or could damage a vehicle, because of sharp edges.
  • Dangerous waste like asbestos, chemicals or paint stripper.
  • Waste left in your home by building or repair work. 
  • Permanent fixtures of the house eg. laminated flooring, kitchen worktops, window frames, Internal and external doors, conservatories, oil boilers, radiators etc This list is not exhaustive.
  • Garden waste or structures eg Grass, fencing, greenhouses, sheds or petrol lawn mowers.
  • Tyres, gas canisters, car batteries, parts or engines.