The ReportAll App allows residents to report instances of littering, graffiti, dog fouling and fly tipping in their local area at the click of a button. 

If the incident reported is outside the remit of the Council it will be reassigned to the relevant organisation responsible.

How Do I Use The App?

Simply download the app to your mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.) from the links below:

  • App Store Logo
  • Google Play Logo

How does it work?

Once the app is downloaded you can report via the local council thumbnail. This will take you through to a list of cases you can report. The app will identify your location and will give you the option to provide supporting pictures and a description of the incident.

Can I Make Anonymous Reports?

Residents have the option of making anonymous complaints. However, it is always useful to an investigation if the Council Officer can contact the complainant for further information and to give updates on the progress of their complaint. In many instances we may not be able to carry out an investigation without the complainants details.

What Happens When I Make a Report?

The app allows efficient signposting to the relevant government authority responsible for the service area in which your report falls into. This saves you any hassle working out which body is responsible for what service. Once actioned, the report will be updated and feedback issued if requested.

Can I Get Feedback on the Problem?

By registering as a user on you will be able to see the progress of your report online. Alternatively, you can provide a contact email address to receive progress updates.