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You Spoke, We Listened.......

You Spoke, We Listened.......

September 11, 2019

Following a positive and encouraging response to the consultation on the proposals outlined in our 10 year Investment Plan – Connect, Invest, Transform; the council is one step closer to unfolding the vast opportunities within Lisburn Castlereagh with widespread benefits for everyone.

An overwhelming 96.8% agreed that we should focus on promoting health and wellbeing in communities and improving community facilities (91.7%) and looking to investment in our local economy; and 96.8% said that generating employment opportunities in supply chains should be our focus.  Feedback also highlighted the need to ‘shop local’, look to our rich linen heritage for tourism opportunities, join up our public transport, invest in new sporting facilities, support our ageing population and to look at initiatives which create areas to be enjoyed by everyone.

Speaking about the feedback gained from the consultation the Mayor, Councillor Alan Givan said: “The council has given the commitment to spend in the region of £250 million over the next 10 years and this investment will go right into the heart of communities, support the local economy as well as new capital and infrastructure projects. We asked you if we got our focus right and the results of the consultation has reinforced where our focus should be.  Listening to the people on the ground; the people who will feel the benefit of our investment is the council’s top priority.  Starting with these community conversations we will be able to empower communities to work in partnership with us to deliver better results.  We are keen to keep these conversations going so we continue to make decisions that reflect our ratepayers’ aspirations.”

Chief Executive of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, David Burns, believes that: “This is an exciting journey shaping the future of Lisburn Castlereagh.  Working in partnership with government agencies, community groups, residents and local businesses we will deliver a new era for the council leading the way in realising ambitious plans with a strong digital focus.  The next stage is producing a fully developed plan, late 2019, outlining the detail of our investments and what this will mean for anyone living, working or visiting the council area.  I would encourage everyone to review the results of our consultation and stay involved with our community conversations.”

If you wish to read the Connect Invest Transform consultation report please visit