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Wallace Pupils Sow Flowers in Wallace Park

Wallace Pupils Sow Flowers in Wallace Park

May 15, 2018

Pupils from Wallace High School recently joined the Chairman of the Council’s Leisure & Community Development Committee, Alderman James Tinsley to sow wildflowers in Wallace Park.

The creation of this flowerbed is to mark the Sir Richard Wallace Bicentenary that is being celebrated this year.   Sir Richard Wallace was a philanthropist and gave generously to the people of Lisburn.  By sowing flowers that will bloom annually the Council and the school of his namesake will ensure he is remembered each time they bloom.

Alderman Tinsley explains:  “The wildflower bed in Wallace Park is part of the Council’s biodiversity programme to enhance the opportunities available for pollinators.  The fact that Lady Wallace loved flowers makes it is very fitting that pupils from Wallace High School have sown a variety of wildflowers on the bicentenary of her husband’s birth.”

The wildflower bed is located along the back of Wallace Park.  This park was donated to the people of Lisburn and was called The People’s Park before it was renamed Wallace Park in his honour.