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LCCC adds to Queen’s Green Canopy by planting trees as part of Platinum Jubilee programme

March 21, 2022

Trees have been planted at Billy Neill MBE Country Park, at the Council’s Civic Headquarters and in a range of locations across Lisburn and Castlereagh as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee programme of events.

70 Tilia ‘Pallida’ trees, a variety of lime, were planted at Billy Neill MBE Country Park by Mayor Alderman Stephen Martin, The Queen’s Green Canopy Ambassador for Northern Ireland Lady Mary Peters, Lord Lieutenant of County Down Gawn Rowan Hamilton and Chair of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Working Group Councillor Hazel Legge with the help of children from Dundonald Primary School.

Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for County Antrim Mr David McCorkell also joined Mayor Martin, Councillor Hazel Legge and Chief Executive, David Burns to plant a special tree at Council Headquarters at Lagan Valley Island.

Mayor Martin said: “It is an honour to celebrate 70 years of Her Majesty The Queen on the throne and supporting the Queen’s Green Canopy. In the last two days we have planted trees in eight locations across Lisburn and Castlereagh.

“As Mayor, I feel that it is essential that we involve our young people in civic life this year and so it was great to spend time with the pupils of Dundonald Primary School as they helped us plant the tress at Billy Neill Country Park. They certainly bring a new perspective to looking back over the last 70 years, and helping us to look forward to the next 70.

 “This is just one of a number of ways on which the council continues to demonstrate our commitment to enhancing biodiversity and supporting a sustainable environment.”

Lady Mary Peters added: “I have the great privilege of being Her Majesty’s Ambassador for the Queen’s Green Canopy across Northern Ireland. This is a wonderful initiative that has been created to encourage sustainable planting by encouraging everyone to ‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee. I am delighted that Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council are supporting this initiative.

 “Anyone can get involved. I have planted trees in my own garden and the council has given the children here today little trees to take home and plant.  I would encourage everyone to get involved.”

Chair of the council’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Working Group, Councillor Hazel Legge said: “We want every area of Lisburn Castlereagh to be included and feel part of our QPJ programme. This is only the beginning of our celebrations with much more to come.

“In the months ahead, there will be opportunities for everyone to get involved in a range of community events and the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend will see us join with others across the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the world as communities come together to celebrate The Queen’s historic reign.”

To find out more about the full LCCC Queen’s Platinum Jubilee programme visit:

Caption: (L-R) Chief Executive David Burns, Councillor John Laverty, Julie McGonigle (Dundonald Primary School), Councillor John Laverty, Councillor Thomas Beckett (Vice Chair of Leisure and Community Development), Mayor Alderman Stephen Martin, Lady Mary Peters, Lord Lieutanant of County Down Gawn Rowan Hamilton, Councillor Hazel Legge and Councillor Sharon Skillen (Chair of Leisure and Community Development) with the Eco Council from Dundonald Primary School at Billy Neill MBE Country Park.

Caption: (L-R) Councillor Hazel Legge, Mayor Alderman Stephen Martin, Lord Lieutanant for County Antrim Mr David McCorkell and Chief Executive David Burns at Lagan Valley Island.