School Arts workshops help local schools et festive for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!

May 27, 2022

The fun activities helping us all prepare for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations have been well and truly underway at ISLAND Arts Centre as part of the council’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee programme.

Artists from MayWe have worked with schools across Lisburn and Castlereagh to look at the last 70 years with particular focus on inspirational people, important landmarks, famous quotes from the Queen and much, much more.

The schools involved in these workshops have been Brownlee Primary School, Wallace Preparatory Department, Rowandale Primary School, Ballymacrickett Primary School, Pond Park Primary School and Lisburn Central Primary School.

Mayor, Alderman Stephen Martin and the Chair of Leisure and Community Development Committee, Councillor Sharon Skillen and Chair of the council’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Working Group, Councillor Hazel Legge were fortunate to visit the Lisburn Central Primary School workshop.

The pupils had lots of exciting questions for our elected members. Luckily, Mayor Martin was able to tell them about the time he and his wife met the Queen, which was very fitting for the workshop!

Mayor Martin said afterwards: “Having the opportunity to visit the young people of Lisburn Central when they were working on such an amazing project was absolutely fantastic. It is truly amazing that we have had a monarch in reign for 70 years and inspiring that young people are a central part in the Jubilee celebration learning so much about the changes over that time.”

These workshops are inspired by a commemorative book that sent to schools across the United Kingdom to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

Chair of Leisure and Community Development Committee, Councillor Sharon Skillen added: “It was great to see the young people so excited about this incredible project – not only is it enhancing their artistic skills but it’s a very informative project both historically and socially. I am looking forward to it being on display in our ISLAND Arts Centre from 4th June.”

Chair of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Working Group Councillor Hazel Legge concluded: “These workshops are part of our wider Platinum Jubilee programme which has something to suit all ages.  Some of the artwork being created at Lisburn Central Primary is amazing! It will be a beautiful exhibition once completed and I cannot wait to see all the artwork from across the six schools.”

The exhibition will run from 4th June until the end of August 2022 in the ISLAND Arts Centre.

Our upcoming Children’s Arts Festival that will be running over the summer will be inspired by the creative pieces through these arts workshops. We look forward to seeing some more fantastic artwork being produced from the young people in our area.