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Runners Fall 'Foul' in Local Parks

Runners Fall 'Foul' in Local Parks

August 28, 2019

Patrols in the council’s green spaces will be increasing to capture those irresponsible dog walkers and dog owners that fail to clean up after their dog.  Dog mess left behind is causing and unpleasant experience for runners and walkers alike.

Immediate action will be taken by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council against irresponsible dog owners and walkers as part of its dog fouling blitz.   An £80 fixed penalty fine will be issued to anyone failing to ‘scoop the poop’. 

Fines can be issued on-the-spot to the offender or retrospectively following information on the offence being reported to the council.  Members of the public can call 028 9250 9394 to report an incident that will be investigated immediately by the council’s Enforcement Officers.

Alderman James Baird, Chairman of the Environmental Services Committee, said: “We are responding to increasing requests made by those who use our parks and green spaces.  Recently young children taking part in a Junior Park Run at Lough Moss encountered dog fouling across their route.  This was unpleasant for the children and the parents who had to clean their trainers.

“Our parks and green spaces are for the enjoyment for everyone.  This is very hard to achieve when some individuals fail to respect communal green spaces by not cleaning up after their dog.  We will be operate a zero tolerance approach to this issue. Signage is already in place across our parks and green spaces making users very aware of the fines should they fail to ‘scoop the poop’.”

Alderman James Baird added: “The vast majority of dog owners and walkers in the Lisburn Castlereagh area are responsible and clean up after their pets, helping to make a more pleasant environment for all which is fantastic.  However, a small minority of individuals persist in letting their dogs foul in parks, on footpaths and in rural areas.  These are who the council will target and fine.  Dog mess is anti-social and a health hazard so in partnership with residents we want to eradicate this type of irresponsible behaviour.”

The council would like to remind everyone that the best way to avoid a fine is to clean up after you dog every time!