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Responsible Dog Owners Rewarded for Scooping the Poop

June 8, 2017

In a move to reward dog owners for being responsible, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council has developed a ‘Scoop the Poop’ awards scheme, which started in April and will run over the summer months.

In an effort to promote cleaning up after your dog, the ‘Scoop the Poop’ award scheme will enter dog owners observed ‘Scooping the Poop’ by patrolling Enforcement Officers into a monthly prize draw for a family pass at Lagan Valley Leisureplex.

We are pleased to announce April’s prize winner Nikki Brown from Ballinderry. Nikki was out walking her dog Jet when Enforcement Officers noticed her carrying out her responsibility as a dog owner by ‘Scooping the Poop’. Nikki was delighted to be informed by Enforcement Officers that she would be entered into April’s monthly prize draw.

Chairman of the Environmental Services Committee, Councillor James Baird said, “So often the issue of dog fouling receives negative attention around fixed penalties.  In this case we want to reward responsible dog owners for cleaning up after their dog.  While it is the job of the Enforcement Officer to issue fines, if an Officer witnesses responsible owners cleaning up their dog’s mess this summer, they will offer to take their name and enter it into a prize draw for a Leisureplex family pass.

“Enforcement Officers will be out and about all summer; if you are a dog owner make sure you ‘take the lead’ like Nikki in looking after your dog and ensuring it is not a nuisance to others.”

The Council’s Dog Control Service will be directly targeting problem areas for irresponsible behaviour and making dog owners aware of the law and the importance of abiding by it.

Be on the lookout for irresponsible dog owners and if they don’t bin it, drop them in it by calling: 028 9244 7300

For further information on the Dog Control Service you can contact: 028 9049 4640 or Email: