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New Year, New Fairtrade Resolution

New Year, New Fairtrade Resolution

January 12, 2018

The Council would like to ask residents to make a New Year’s Resolution to purchase Fairtrade products this year as part of their weekly shopping.

Later this year the Council will be submitting an application to retain its Fairtrade City Status and we would welcome the continued support of residents to achieve this.

Alderman Allan Ewart MBE, Chairman of the Council’s Development Committee, said: “Our award as a Fairtrade City is down to the commitment of local retailers, schools and churches using and/or selling Fairtrade products.  The Council has played its part by ensuring that the Made in Lisburn Castlereagh Coffee Dock at Lagan Valley Island sells some Fairtrade products.  Our residents also have a role in our Fairtrade status and I would ask that this New Year they make a resolution to continue to buy Fairtrade items, which could be chocolate, cotton buds or teabags.

“It is great to see the big chocolate brands Cadburys and Nestle using Fairtrade ingredients in the popular Dairy Milk and Maltesers products.  In 2018 it would be fantastic to see an increase in the number of Fairtrade schools, businesses and churches within the Lisburn Castlereagh area.  The Council will also be holding some Fairtrade events later in the year to raise awareness of this good cause which assists farmers in the developing world. Please play your part and support Fairtrade,” concluded Alderman Ewart.

Along with the support of local retailers, schools and churches, the Council achieved Fairtrade City Status last May and with their continued support hopes to retain this accreditation.

For more information on Fairtrade within the Lisburn Castlereagh area and how to become a Fairtrade school, business or church please log on to