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New Junior Parkrun Announced at Lough Moss Leisure Centre

New Junior Parkrun Announced at Lough Moss Leisure Centre

July 4, 2018

On behalf of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, Councillor John Gallen, Vice Chairman of the Leisure and Community Development Committee is pleased to launch a new junior parkrun at Lough Moss Leisure Centre beginning on Sunday 8th July.

Open to young people aged 4 to 14, the Lough Moss junior parkrun is a free sporting event that will take place each Sunday morning at 9.30am, and is designed for children to either walk, run or jog their way around the 2k route. Younger children can be accompanied by their parents.

Vice Chairman of the Leisure and Community Development Committee, Councillor John Gallen who was in attendance at the launch, said: “It is widely recognised that staying active offers huge health benefits and protects against many big health risks. Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council’s Sports Services Unit strives to encourage residents, both young and older, to get active and stay active.

“The World Health Organisation states that children and youth up to 17 years old should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on a daily basis.  Initiatives such as the Lough Moss junior parkrun are extremely valuable in contributing to the health and well-being of current and future younger generations by providing access to exercise and clean fresh air for free.


“While the overall aim of the parkrun is to encourage healthy living in those aged 4 – 14 years, it is also designed to be a fun, friendly event, and I encourage all young people to come along and join in, whatever your pace,” added Councillor Gallen.  

The 2k course is marshalled at regular intervals throughout the route, so all participants will be in sight of a marshal at all times.

While the parkrun is free to join in, participants need to initially register before their first run, so they can be provided with a downloadable and printable bar code which enables the kids to take part each week. Following registration, participants bring along the printed bar code they receive which is scanned along with a finishing token to register their completion of the run.

For more information on the parkrun and to register online, visit

As with all parkruns and junior parkruns, Lough Moss junior parkrun is co-ordinated and managed by a team of Volunteers and event organisers are looking for additional volunteers to assist each Sunday, so if your child is interested in participating, then why not stay to help and join in the fun.

For more information on volunteering at Lough Moss junior parkrun, visit or speak to the Run Director or other Volunteers on the day.