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New Customer Service Guidelines set out Council's commitment to Ratepayers

New Customer Service Guidelines set out Council's commitment to Ratepayers

February 9, 2016

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council has launched new Customer Service Guidelines which set out its standards of customer service provision.

The Guidelines cover walk-in visits, telephone and email enquiries and they set out how the Council will communicate with its customers as well as how complaints will be handled.  Alderman William Leathem, Chairman of the Governance and Audit Committee, and the Chief Executive of the Council, Dr Theresa Donaldson, were present at the launch.

Alderman Leathem said: “The Council values its customers very highly and our customer service is therefore extremely important to us. Our ratepayers and citizens deserve the highest standards we can provide.  We see the new Customer Service Guidelines being people-centred ensuring that our customers are treated with respect in an efficient and courteous manner as we deliver a wide range of services in an expanded geographical area.”

Dr Theresa Donaldson, Chief Executive said: “It is our intention to now look to implementing the Customer Guidelines across the Council.  We want our environment to be one where visitors, customers and residents feel comfortable and where they receive the information they need.

“We have very committed staff and Elected Members who place great emphasis on the importance of serving our ratepayer base. It is our intention that the Customer Services Guidelines will help in building customer relationships which we hold in such high regard.”

The new Guidelines are available on the Council’s website