Mayor Martin welcomes local LGBTQ groups to civic headquarters

September 7, 2021

Mayor Alderman Stephen Martin welcomed members of and groups representing the LGBTQ community to Lagan Valley Island on Monday 23rd August.

It was an opportunity for the Mayor to thank them for what they do to support others and contribute to society.

During his term in office Mayor Martin wishes to involve as many people as possible in civic life.  The Mayor said: “I was delighted to work in partnership with the Rainbow Project to make this evening happen. If there is a lesson to hold onto from the pandemic is the sense of togetherness where everyone should feel safe, respected and welcome.”

In 2019, the council agreed to annually light its civic headquarters in rainbow colours to mark PRIDE day.  

The importance of organisations that support the LGBTQ community was a key focus for the reception. As well as the Rainbow Project, Cara-Friend, Another World, PureMental N.I. & Here N.I. were also present.  Mayor Martin said: “Thank you for your dedication to offer support, guidance and display kindness to those of all ages over many years.  It is crucial everyone has someone to talk to and organisations like yours are specialised and much needed in today’s society.”

Speaking about the reception Aisling Twomey of the Rainbow Project added: “I would like to thank Mayor Martin for supporting organisations within the LGBTQ community.  We work with individuals of all ages within our community.  Our priority is to look after their physical and mental health.  It is great to have the First Citizen recognise the importance of the wellbeing of the whole Lisburn Castlereagh community.”

Gyasi Sheppy, local Cbeebies presenter and special guest at the reception concluded: “It was a privilege to have the opportunity to talk to local groups and individuals.  I am delighted Mayor Martin is endeavouring to involve everyone in civic life during his year as Mayor.  Every person experiences challenges in their life and to recognise those organisations that offer support is very important and a role being embraced by Mayor Martin.”