Mayor Martin thanks local NI Housing Executive team

May 26, 2022

Mayor Martin recently hosted the NI Housing Executive team for Lisburn & Castlereagh in recognition of their tireless efforts in supporting our community particularly during the pandemic.

Mayor Martin commented: "Our local NI Housing Executive team work together with elected representatives, housing providers, statutory bodies, community groups but most importantly tenants to ensure that our community is as well served as is possible when it comes to housing need.

"Our council & elected members have a strong working relationship with NIHE through their Freeman of the City status, the Housing Forum & our Community Planning Partnership.

"During the course of the pandemic NIHE locally have went above and beyond as essential workers to manage so many issues arising from the uncertainty we all faced.

"I want to say thank you to Des Marley & the whole team because it’s important to recognise the often unseen difficult work they do that goes on behind the scenes on behalf of all of us."