LCCC offering practical tips to keep your home warm this winter

December 17, 2021

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council wants to ensure that the local community are best utilising their energy consumption this winter.

Heating your home can account for up to 70% of a household’s monthly energy consumption.

Investing in thermal insulation measures, having an efficient heating boiler & following some easy tips can help you to save money on your heating bills.

Chair of Environmental Services, Councillor Andrew Ewing said: “Over 50% of heat escapes through the walls & the roof so it is important that these elements, such as your roof space, are insulated to a high standard.

“Also, with the costs of oil & gas going up, the efficiency of your boiler is very important as older boilers can use more fuel with limited results.

“Newer, more efficient boilers, use less energy to produce the same amount of heat & will therefore be of benefit to both your home & finances.

“Also utilise radiator valves & wall thermostats to have greater control when heating different areas within your home.

“Some other simple steps include making good use of your curtains to trap hot air in and moving sofas away from radiators to allow the heat to move around the room.

“Finally, you can obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This is an inexpensive evaluation that will identify how energy efficient your home is & will suggest improvements.”

If you are interested in improving the energy efficiency of your home, you might be able to avail of Government grant schemes.

Remember to check with Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Building Control to make sure that any works you intend to carry out are suitable for your home or if they need any regulatory approval.


Links to energy efficiency grant schemes:

Make the Call - Email: [email protected] or phone 0800 232 1271

Boiler Replacement Scheme - Email: [email protected] or phone 03448 920900

NIHE for other grants (eg Disabled Facilities Grant) - Email: [email protected] or phone 03448 920900

Home Safety - Email: [email protected] or phone 028 9244 7847 

PCSP (Police Community Safety Partnership) - Email: [email protected] or phone 028 9244 7284 

Bryson Energy - Email: [email protected] or phone 028 9045 5008

Citizens Advice Bureau (Lisburn branch) - Phone 028 9266 2251


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