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Lagan Valley Hospital To Open A Regional Day Procedure Centre

July 28, 2020

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council welcomes the news that Northern Ireland’s first Day Procedure Centre will be at Lagan Valley Hospital, Lisburn.

The Mayor, Councillor Nicholas Trimble, speaking about this new opportunity for one of our local hospitals, said: “We are pleased Lagan Valley Hospital is the preferred location for patients across Northern Ireland to have day procedures.  It will conduct less complex day surgery and procedures such as endoscopies, ENT and gynaecology. Lisburn is accessible along main transport corridors; and I hope those currently waiting on day procedures welcome this news. 

“This novel approach of a Regional Day Procedure Centre will mean fewer cancellations as there will be no competing for operating rooms, staff or resources. Such a centre is a positive measure to improve patient health as our healthcare service strives to reinstate services on a phased basis during recovery. I would like to reassure our residents that the Emergency Department will continue to operate as normal; and the development of this centre will cause minimal impact on current services.”

Alderman Paul Porter, Chairman of the council’s Health Working Group added: “The introduction of an Elective Care Centre for varicose veins at Lagan Valley Hospital in 2019 has proven popular with staff and with patients in terms of accessibility and patient experience.  The council is confident of the same outcome for this Day Procedure Centre.

“The majority of patients will only need to attend this centre once, it isn’t intended as a means to receive long term care over multiple visits. We wish the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust every success as it works to establish and operate this Day Procedure Centre and look forward to hearing more in due course.”