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Gin & Spirit School Opens Its Doors in Moira

Gin & Spirit School Opens Its Doors in Moira

December 19, 2018

Representatives from Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council visited the new ‘Gin & Spirit School’ which has opened at the Hughes Craft Distillery in Moira.

Hughes Craft Distillery is offering individuals or groups the opportunity to learn from its in-house expert, choose their own botanicals, distil, label and take home their own 700ml bottle at the end of the interactive session.

Alderman William Leathem, Chairman of the Council’s Development Committee, speaking about this new business said: “Stuart and Barbara have a wealth of distilling experience and have been successfully producing spirits since 2010 when they made their first-batch of RubyBlue berry liqueurs.  In 2015 they launched RubyBlue Vodka and now in 2018 they are sharing their experience with those embracing the ‘gin trend’ and who would like to make their own unique gin.

“This very special spirit school is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland and we are delighted that it is in the Lisburn Castlereagh area.  I have no doubt that this latest venture will be a success for the winning Hughes team whose entrepreneurial spirit is strong.  Their continued investment in the Council area is welcomed and on behalf of the Council I wish them every success in the years ahead.”

Established in 2010, Hughes Craft Distillery was Northern Ireland’s first small-batch spirits producer.  Their products have won awards and such recognition has helped to elevate their business in the global market.

Barbara Hughes, owner of Hughes Craft Distillery added: “Local people have shown so much support for our small-batch spirit production over that last few years and have developed a curiosity of the distilling process and ingredients. With Northern Ireland’s first spirit school at Hughes Craft Distillery we give people the opportunity to learn the craft first-hand. From creating the recipe, choosing the ingredients, distilling their Gin or Vodka, choosing a name for the label before blending and bottling their creation to take home.

“It’s a very exciting and rewarding thing to be able to do, taking your finished bottle home to enjoy with family or friends is just the icing on the cake. Home distilling is illegal in many countries including the UK and Ireland but we’ve taken care of all the licensing, legality’s, duties and taxes within the cost of the experience. It really is wonderful to see peoples delight at being back at school for a few hours, although I have to say cocktails and canapés were never on our dinner hall menu.”

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