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Drumbeg Community Supports Charities

May 5, 2017

The Drumbeg Community joined together to support a very successful charity Coffee Morning in St Patrick’s Parish Hall to raise money for Cancer Focus and Tinylife, the chosen charity of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Mayor, Councillor Brian Bloomfield MBE.

Several groups played a part in preparing for the event; they were Drumbeg WI, the Art and Quilting Clubs, the Bowls, Badminton and Gardening Clubs, the Pilates Club, the Residents’ Association and the beautiful table decorations were created by the Floral Art Club.

Speaking at the event the Mayor said, “It is heart warming to see so many people come together to support two worthwhile charities.  The total raised was £1,300 and I would like to thank everyone involved. Events like this not only raise money but strengthen community bonds and support networks, which are important to us all, especially in times of need.  I am sure that most people know someone whose life has been affected by cancer or a premature birth and can appreciate the significance of fundraising to support the good work of such charities.  In a ‘time of need’ it is important and very supportive to have individuals from outside the family circle on hand to guide you through the stressful situation.”

Rosie Forsythe from Cancer Focus said, “I would like to thank the entire Drumbeg Community for supporting our work. Cancer Focus Northern Ireland is a local cancer charity, helping local cancer patients and their families. We have four main areas of work covering care services, cancer prevention, local cancer research and fundraising. We want to help communities take positive steps to reduce the risk of cancer and live a healthier lifestyle.”

Kimberley Hill from Tinylife said, “Donations such as this help TinyLife to continue to build on its 30 years of experience of giving practical and emotional support to parents, maximizing on birth outcomes for premature and sick babies for families across Northern Ireland. I myself have come through the agonizing experience of giving birth to a premature baby and have witnessed firsthand the invaluable support of Tinylife during this very stressful time. So thank you to the community of Drumbeg for its generosity. I know the positive impact it will make for many other parents in similar situations.”