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Dog owner conviction for livestock worrying

Dog owner conviction for livestock worrying

May 30, 2019

Mr Peter Magowan and Ms Brigid Magowan of Ballycolin Road, BT17 0NN were convicted of four charges under Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1983 at Lisburn Magistrates Court on 21st May 2019.

The charges related to their Husky type dog named Luna worrying livestock on 30th June 2018. The defendants husky type dog attacked and injured a lamb and a sheep owned by another person. The Husky type dog also attacked and injured a goat.

Mr Peter Magowan and Ms Brigid Magowan pleaded guilty to the above offences. They were fined £50 each on each offence on the complaint with the £15 offender levy. District Judge Waters heard the application for a disposal order, she declined to grant the disposal order and instead uplifted the control conditions on the licence to court control conditions under 1983 Order.  The control conditions are now attached to the dog rather than the licence and will survive a change of ownership.

The Council was awarded £1053.00 in costs - £500 for Mr Magowan and £553 for Mrs Magowan.

Speaking about the conviction Chairman of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council’s Environmental Services Committee, Alderman James Baird, said: “As a Farmer I am only too aware that any worrying of livestock is a very serious concern.  Not only can this have financial implications, in terms of veterinary care or the loss of valuable stock, but it can also have a distressing impact on both the livestock and their owners. Although it is recognised that the vast majority of dogs are well looked after and are friendly-family pets, all dogs have the potential to inflict injury and to worry livestock.”

“I welcome this conviction which demonstrates that the council takes livestock worrying very seriously.  The council’s Enforcement Officers have the authority to seize any dog (of any type and breed) suspected of being involved in worrying or attacking livestock and owners may be prosecuted for any offences and a court may order the dog to be destroyed. A civil case may also be brought by the farmer for any financial loss suffered.”

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council’s Dog Control Service would like to remind dog owners to act responsibly and ensure their dog is under control at all times and in particular kept secure at night.

Council Enforcement Officers respond to all incidents of dog worrying or attacks and anyone who witnesses a dog worrying or attacking livestock is encouraged to report this to the Council’s Dog Control Service by telephoning 028 9244 7867.