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Council Rededicates Stained Glass Window on 40th Anniversary of La Mon Bombing

Council Rededicates Stained Glass Window on 40th Anniversary of La Mon Bombing

February 17, 2018

Survivors, families, representatives of the emergency services as well as civic and political leaders came together today (Saturday 17th February) at a 40th Anniversary Service at Lagan Valley Island in Lisburn, in memory of those who lost their lives in the La Mon Bombing.

On the Friday evening of the 17th February 1978, 12 people lost their lives when a bomb exploded at the La Mon House Hotel.  Those who were murdered were: Mrs Sarah Cooper; Mr Gordon Crothers; Mrs Joan Crothers; Mrs Christine Lockhart; Mrs Elizabeth McCracken; Mr Ian McCracken; Mr Daniel Magill; Mrs Carol Mills; Mrs Sandra Morris; Mr Thomas Neeson; Mrs Dorothy Nelson and Mr Paul Nelson.

As part of the Anniversary Service, two stained glass windows were rededicated, having being moved from Bradford Court Council Offices, originally commissioned in 2000, to their new permanent home at Lagan Valley Island.

Speaking ahead of the ceremony, which was conducted by the Reverend Mark Brown from Granshaw Presbyterian Church, The Mayor, Councillor Tim Morrow said: “We come together today at this Service to remember the victims of the La Mon Bombing; those whose lives were so cruelly cut down and the sons and daughters; mothers and fathers and  brothers and sisters who were left behind and whose lives were changed forever and we hope that today’s Service and Rededication Ceremony is a fitting tribute to all who have suffered so much over the past 40 years.

During the Anniversary Service, which took place in the Council Chamber, 12 lilies were placed in a wreath, by family members, to symbolise the 12 people who died in the bombing.

Dr Andrea Nelson, who lost both her parents in the atrocity, flew in from England to attend today’s service.  She said: “Forty years ago many lives were shattered.  Today we honoured and remembered, with the deepest of respect, those who lost their lives, the survivors, and their families.

“The devastation will last forever in our hearts but their lives will be forever remembered here at Lagan Valley Island.”

Specially restored Memorial Seating was also unveiled at the front of Lagan Valley during the proceedings and will permanently sit alongside ceremonial trees, previously planted by visiting Royalty, Statesmen, VIPs and Freemen of the City.

Thanking the families for working with the Council over the last number of months, Chairman of the Council’s Corporate Services Committee, Councillor Scott Carson said:

“Four decades on and for these families, the pain and suffering continues. Their personal tragedies will never be forgotten and the Stained Glass windows as well as the Memorial Seating, here on permanent display will be a lasting memorial, becoming part of the building’s history in the years to come, and on behalf of the Council I would like to thank all the families for joining us today for this milestone anniversary,” said Councillor Carson.