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Council Aids Community Response to Coronavirus [Covid-19]

Council Aids Community Response to Coronavirus [Covid-19]

March 19, 2020

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is committed to supporting local communities and individuals during challenging times, arising from the current Coronavirus [Covid-19] epidemic.

To assist we have identified council officers who will specifically support communities, businesses, churches, voluntary organisations and many other sectors to help co-ordinate and navigate a way forward, to provide support to our vulnerable neighbours.

This will involve a number of staff working on a District Electoral Area [DEA] basis, serving as a point of contact to identify and map out needs, both current and future, so that resources and support including through local community organisations can be matched to those who most need them. It will involve signposting, supporting and coordinating activities, working closely with, and through the community and voluntary sector along with our statutory partners to provide information and deliver key services and practical assistance in each local area.

We anticipate engaging through local community organisations to identify the issues first hand in order to work with partners and central government, to be responsive and address needs. The aim of this collaborative working is to provide practical help, which may include working through local organisations to potentially deliver food and support.

The objective of this community response scheme is to ensure that in these challenging times, no one feels without help or alone.

The council is already aware of a number of local community organisations whose representatives have been meeting to develop initiatives to provide such services and we would encourage them to contact the council to allow us to assist on building on their positive contribution.

The council anticipates being in a position early next week to advise local community organisations on the detailed arrangements and contact points. In the interim any community organisation interested in being part of the scheme should register an interest either by telephoning 028 9244 7713 or by emailing