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Be mindful of others when out and about

Be mindful of others when out and about

March 31, 2020

During this difficult time, when you are out exercising your dog, on your once of day exercise journey, we would ask that you are mindful of others.  Please remember that everyone shares the footpaths and walking routes throughout the city.  It is important that dog owners keep their dog under control and clean up after it ensuring that these areas remain clean for all to use.

Dog mess is both anti-social and a health hazard.  Play your part to help eradicate this type of irresponsible behaviour carried out by a minority of individuals by continuing to report dog fouling incidences.  Phone 028 9244 7394 to report an incident, providing the time and location of the fouling, the name and address of the dog owner if you can and your name and address, which will be treated as strictly confidential.

Council Enforcement Officers will investigate the complaint and take action against irresponsible dog owners. The council continues to operate its zero tolerance in relation to offenders who will receive a fixed penalty.

Alderman James Baird, Environmental Services Committee Chairman said “The council will be using specific street cleaning equipment designed to tackle dog fouling and clean up any instances of people failing to ‘scoop the poop’.  However, I would urge residents to please report dog fouling issues and help the council keep local communities clean during these times when everyone wants to enjoy their daily exercise experience close to their homes.”