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2 Rifles Parade in Lisburn City Centre, Friday 9th March at 11am

2 Rifles Parade in Lisburn City Centre, Friday 9th March at 11am

March 8, 2018

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is delighted to host a Homecoming Reception at Lagan Valley Island for the 2 Rifles who have returned from a six-month tour in Iraq followed by a Parade through Lisburn City Centre on Friday 9th March at 11am.

The Mayor, Councillor Tim Morrow, speaking about the event, said: “It will be an honour to welcome over 250 of our serving troops to Lagan Valley Island on their recent return from Iraq.  Our council recognises the dangers faced by those fighting in battles on foreign soil and respects their bravery, camaraderie, and dedication to duty.  It is for these very reasons that it is a privilege to host a reception for our troops.  After the reception the soldiers will parade through Lisburn City Centre; and we would like to see our residents come out to show their support.”

The Parade will take place in Lisburn City Centre at approximately 11am, with an Inspection and Salute being taken in Market Square North.  The Parade of approximately 500 soldiers will create a real buzz of marching feet along our streets.  Best viewing positions are in Bow Street and the Market Square area.

Councillor Scott Carson, Chairman of the Council’s Corporate Services Committee said: “The Council appreciates the dedication and achievements of all our service personnel and we are delighted to have the opportunity to see our returning troops’ parade through Lisburn, their battalion headquarters.  They will be led by the Band of the Rifles.  I hope that many of our residents will come along and line the streets of Lisburn City Centre on Friday 9th March to show their support for those who selflessly serve our country and protect the lives of others.”