Council supports project based learning in Wallace High School

July 11, 2022

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council provided £8,000 to Wallace High School for project based learning through the Local Investment Plan 22/23.

LCCC Chief Executive, David Burns and Head of Communities, Angela McCann were invited to a special showcase to highlight the extensive work undertaken by pupils in Year 8-10 including the ‘Virtual Lisburn’ Project.

David Burns said: “The young people here today are the future of our community and our workforce. Supporting skills development in schools is important and we were delighted to be able to fund such a positive project.

“The pupils of Wallace High have delivered creative projects that helped them develop critical thinking and decision making skills. We are proud to have played a part in helping the school to bring these collaborative projects to life.

“I was particularly impressed with The ‘Lisburn Virtual’ project which took us on a virtual tour of our very own Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum and Castle Gardens. I commend the pupils and staff of Wallace High School for this wonderful work.”

Year 8 projects included a fundraising event to support local refugees, team work to design and construct straw bridges and the most aerodynamic and flight stable rocket to travel the furthest.

Year 9s demonstrated excellent teamwork to experience a European food market through virtual reality (VR) and then created their own market with food from the chosen region. They also designed Pinewood Derby Cars to encourage future engineers.

The Physics Apprentice Task was completed by Year 10s who designed and constructed a game involving LEDs and buzzers.

Photo Caption: Wallace High School Principal Mrs Deborah O’Hare, LCCC Chief Executive David Burns and Head of Communities, Angela McCann with pupils.

Video Caption: A video produced by Wallace High School detailing what pupils did during their project based learning.