Council Supports Changing Places Awareness Day

Council Supports Changing Places Awareness Day

July 19, 2020

Today is Changing Places Awareness Day which is part of a campaign to highlight the need for fully accessible changing and toilet facilities for people with disabilities.

Our civic headquarters had the first Changing Places toilet in Northern Ireland and we have recently outlined our commitment to ensuring that there is continued awareness and consideration of this important need.

Alderman Paul Porter, Corporate Services Committee Chairman said:

“I am proud that our council built its civic headquarters to cater for all abilities and look forward to how we will lead by example in the years ahead. Having access to suitable toilets and changing facilities makes such a difference to the lives of people with disabilities. 

“As a council we will now look to include, where possible, in line with council policies and guidance, Changing Places toilets in our estate as we refurbish buildings and construct new ones. We believe it is important to ensure that people with disabilities can access all public facilities with the confidence that their basic needs will be met.

“We will also engage with the Finance Minister to request that his Department considers the need for this type of facility within buildings when updating the Building Regulations.  We feel that Changing Places should be a legal requirement.”

Alderman Stephen Martin, Vice-Chair of the council’s Corporate Services Committee added:

“In May, Councillor Michelle Guy brought forward a motion to proactively enable changing places toilets within our council area which will be considered at the next meeting of our committee. As we look at our estate and future planned works we will proactively consider Changing Places toilets during any upgrade programmes.  We will also encourage other organisations in the Lisburn Castlereagh area to consider this approach when upgrading their buildings.”