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Council asks people to leave their drones at home.

Council asks people to leave their drones at home.

May 5, 2017

Due to the increased popularity and use of drones recently, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is taking the opportunity to promote awareness on their use.

Drones are just like any other aircraft and must always be flown in a safe manner, both with respect to other aircraft in the air and also to people and properties on the ground. Drones are not permitted on Council property without the prior approval of the Council, and that approval will only be granted to licensed operators.

Chairman of the Environmental Services Committee for Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, Councillor James Baird said, “Irresponsible and illegal use of drones can lead to circumstances which can cause injury or damage.  The safety of our parks and public spaces must not be compromised which is why we want to highlight the fact that drones are not allowed on Council property. I am asking all members of the public to leave their drones at home so that everyone can enjoy our parks and outdoor public places in safety.”

There are already strict safety rules for drone users, which are underpinned by UK law.  Current regulations by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) require drones to be kept in line of sight and flown no higher than 120 metres. They must be at least 50 meters from buildings, vehicles, people or over large crowds and stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields. 

Ricky Taylor, PSNI said, “The number of incidents involving recreational drones has significantly increased in the last couple of years which is why the PSNI is working with the Council to promote awareness on drones. Anyone who fails to comply with CAA regulations or breaches current or future Council byelaws could be subject to fines or prosecution. If you have any concerns about drones being used in your area, either from a safety or privacy perspective, contact the PSNI on 101”