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Council Opens Economic Development Small Grants Programme
PLEASE NOTE: This article is over 1 year old and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

Council Opens Economic Development Small Grants Programme

February 9, 2016

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council has created an ‘Economic Development Small Grants Programme’ to offer assistance to local projects; and it is now open for applications.

This annual grant programme will offer a maximum of up to £2,000 to 10 organisations based within the Council area to assist with projects that have clear economic objectives and include areas such as: organisational development, job creation, business growth, increased footfall to the Council area or increased revenue generation.

The Small Grants Programme will accept applications from not-for-profit trader groups and/or business associations, social economy enterprises, or community/voluntary groups with a business or employment focus.

The aim of the grant programme is to offer support to improve skills, knowledge and quality of employment within the relevant sectors and increase the capacity of such organisations to deliver services.  The grant can be used to purchase key pieces of equipment, or even marketing materials which will assist the organisation progress to the next stage of sustainability if it’s a community, voluntary or social economy organisation, or contribute to increased footfall and new trade if applied to a not for profit traders association.

Alderman Allan Ewart, Chairman of the Council’s Development Committee, launching the Small Grants Programme, said: “The Council is committed to supporting the ever growing and vibrant voluntary, community, not-for-profit and social economy sectors. 

"We realise that these organisations work to deliver services that bring people and communities together for both indigenous economic development and social benefits.  Quite often a small bit of support or intervention such as this grant programme can have a big impact in terms of supporting the local community and businesses on the ground to achieve core aims and objectives.”

Application forms for the Small Grants Programme can be obtained by contacting the Peter Shortt in the Economic Development Unit on 028 9250 9391 or by email:

The deadline for receipt of applications is 12 noon on Friday 4th March 2016.  Only an original signed form will be accepted.

Applicants must be based in the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area and should be able to demonstrate clear and measurable economic benefits to their organisation and/or the Council area. Part of the application process will also require the applicant to demonstrate how the funding will contribute to the overall strategic development and sustainability of its organisation or achieve economic objectives through the purchase of equipment or through the implementation of marketing or revenue generating activities.

Please note that core running costs are not eligible for support, and there will only be one grant awarded per project and/or organisation.