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Council Launches Social Enterprise Support Programme

November 21, 2016

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council was delighted to announce the launch of the Social Enterprise Support Programme during Global Entrepreneurship Week.  This is an innovative programme which aims to stimulate new social enterprise and cooperative start-ups across the Council area.  The programme will also support existing social enterprises and cooperatives to grow their venture through tailored one to one support.

Alderman Jim Dillon, a member of the Development Committee speaking at the launch, said:  “I am delighted that the Council has secured a programme specifically designed to support new start-up and growth of social enterprises across the Council area.  

“Social enterprises and the social economy sector play a key role in revitalising our economy and generating employment and we have some incredible examples of social enterprises here today that are run to help others.”

This exciting new programme uses innovative approaches to identifying and exploring new ideas that can support local groups and individuals in developing locally based new social enterprises and cooperatives.

Speaking about the programme, Councillor John Gallen, Vice-Chairman of the Council’s Development Committee, said: “Social enterprises are businesses for social purposes, they put people and communities first and reinvest their profits back into society.

“Social enterprise is being increasingly acknowledged as a core economic driver, playing a key role in both social and economic regeneration and business growth, delivering much needed services, promoting inclusion, changing lives and providing employment, we are very proud of the social enterprises we have operating in the Lisburn Castlereagh area.”

The programme offers the following key elements:

  • Social Spark Events (generating innovative ideas)
  • Tailored Workshops
  • One-to-one Mentoring
  • Networking Opportunities

The programme is being delivered by a team of experts who have an impressive track record of supporting new and existing social enterprises and cooperatives.

Claire Ferris from Work West said:  “We are delighted to have been appointed to manage and deliver this exciting new programme.  We bring a wealth of experience and expertise from our own team but also from the cohesive partnership which comprises the Resurgam Trust, Lisburn Enterprise Organisation and Cooperative Alternatives.”

If you are a potential social entrepreneur or co-operator or maybe part of a community or voluntary organisation considering staring a social enterprise or cooperative then please contact:  Claire Ferris in Work West on 028 9061 0826 for more information or email: