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Council Acknowledges Ulster Grand Prix Organisers

Council Acknowledges Ulster Grand Prix Organisers

December 6, 2017

The Council held a Mayoral Reception to acknowledge the significant contribution made by the volunteers of the Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club in delivering the ‘World’s Fastest Road Race’ each year.

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council has high praise for this dedicated group of individuals, who work very hard each year to bring a successful event to the Dundrod circuit.

The Mayor, Councillor Tim Morrow was pleased to host the reception to mark the important work and contribution of the members of the Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club and demonstrate the esteem in which the Council holds its volunteers. 

Speaking at the event, Councillor Morrow, said: “Each year the Council is proud to have the Ulster Grand Prix take place within its boundaries.  It is a privilege to be able to acknowledge the work of local people who over the years have helped to provide vital support for the ‘World’s Fastest Road Race’.  There is a significant number of people who contribute to each race at Dundrod; and the role of each volunteer is important and plays a key part in delivering success.

“The teamwork within Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club sets you apart from other event teams; and the Council is very lucky to have the opportunity to work with you.  Your partnership with other organisations that assist you throughout the year in terms of medical support, infrastructure and funding is beneficial to all.”

The Ulster Grand Prix is also supported by the local community and landowners who work with the Club to deliver a very popular annual motorcycle race.

Alderman James Tinsley, Chairman of the Council’s Leisure & Community Development Committee added: “Those who attend the Ulster Grand Prix each year do so to watch the household names, to name a few, Michael and William Dunlop, Peter Hickman, Dean Harrison and Bruce Anstey race at high speed.  However, without the selflessness and dedication of the volunteers within Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club these races would not start. 

“Your commitment to ensuring the safety of all at the event from start to finish is evident with each year’s enhancements to the course.  The Ulster Grand Prix characterises what is best in our community and that is the spirit of volunteering on a large scale. On behalf of the Council I would like to commend each and every volunteer in the Club and ask you to keep up your outstanding work.”

At the reception presentations were made to the Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club by the Council and Robert Graham, Chairman of the Club extended his thanks to the Council for all its support.