Community to come together to improve biodiversity within Duncan’s Park

November 29, 2022

Duncan’s Dam is set to see improvement in its water quality through a project funded by the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Environment Fund.

£13,850 was awarded jointly to Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council and Féile an Phobail to deliver a multi-pronged project in this green space and in partnership with the local community.

Councillor Aaron McIntyre, Leisure & Community Development Chairman speaking about this environmental improvement scheme said: “I am delighted with the partnership approach being taken to improve the biodiversity of Duncan’s Dam.  Through workshops, activities and community clean ups, both council and Féile an Phobail officers will aim to conserve, protect and restore the aquatic environment at this popular local park.  It was great to get stuck in and get my hands dirty litter picking with the group during the initial phase of clean up.

“Local schools, community groups, youth groups and the public will be invited to take part in this project to help plant indigenous aquatic plants, reduce pollution and re-engage with nature.  Together we can introduce measures to mitigate against climate change and enhance this area for the enjoyment of everyone. I would also like to thank the partners working alongside us: Lisburn Féile, The Friends of Duncan’s Dam, St Patrick’s Eco Warriors, County Antrim Countryside Custodians and the Resurgam Youth Outreach for helping us to reconnect people with the natural world.”

Richard Crowe, the Director of NIEA’S Resource Efficiency Division commented: “I'm really pleased to help launch the Duncan's Dam project which is receiving investment funding of £13,850 through DAERA's Water Quality Improvement Strand of the Environment Fund. This collaborative project will deliver multiple benefits for the local community and the environment by supporting community engagement, education, citizen science, clean-ups and de-silting of the pond.”

Kevin Morrison, Community Engagement Manager at Féile an Phobail added: “This is a project close to the heart of our organisation and we were delighted when the council agreed to partner with us.  We will work with other local community, youth & environmental groups to improve the wildlife habitat at the dam in the coming months. 

“Alongside improving water quality this environmental project aims to install new signage, deliver local awareness workshops, and organise community clean-ups. Initial work has begun with the removal of debris from the dam during a community clean-up.”

To find out more about the ‘Duncan’s Park Pond Restoration and Protection Project’ or to get involved contact or