Collecting our history: 'Covid-19 and Me'

March 31, 2020

The Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum has launched a new living history project: ‘Covid-19 and Me’, encouraging residents of the area to share their experience of living through the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.  This will build an archive of valuable information for generations to come.

Speaking about the project Chairman of the council’s Leisure & Community Development Committee, Alderman James Tinsley, said: “I would encourage residents to ask their children, teenagers, parents and grandparents to record their thoughts or take a photograph and submit them to the Museum.  A hundred years from now people will want to know what happened, how we felt at the time and how we came together as a community.  This a living history project, and we hope the process of getting involved and recording thoughts and feelings may prove therapeutic.”

While the current Covid-19 pandemic has led to most public buildings temporarily closing their doors, Lisburn Museum remains open to online visitors through its new ‘Virtual Museum’.  This will feature free worksheets and resources for children, online tours, local history and the opportunity to view some of the Museum’s rich collections.  The Virtual Museum can be found at: with content updated daily.