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Vandalism to the Christmas Tree at Dromara

Vandalism to the Christmas Tree at Dromara

December 24, 2017

The Council regrets damage, caused through vandalism, to the Dromara Christmas Tree. The Council became aware of this matter on Christmas Eve.


Chairman of the Leisure and Community Development Committee, Alderman James Tinsley said: "It is very disappointing that this has happened. I hope the local community's enjoyment of the Christmas Tree has not been too badly affected.


"Unfortunately given we became aware of this on Christmas Eve holiday time, we were limited as to what could be done. However our crews will fully assess the damage as a priority on Wednesday 27th December and see if it's possible to fix or repair the lights and decorations.


"This is an example of how someone's thoughtless actions affect others and I find this vandalism particularly sad because at Christmas we should be thinking about other people and showing kindness, not wrecking the community's enjoyment of the village Christmas Tree," he concluded.


The Council will update its social media followers on the outcome of its inspection and assessment of the Dromara Christmas Tree.