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Chilled Out Vibe at Lisburn Light Festival

Chilled Out Vibe at Lisburn Light Festival

November 21, 2018

As part of the Lisburn Light Festival specially adapted relaxed performances of the animated light shows will take place on Monday 3 December from 5pm – 7pm and Thursday 3 January from 3pm – 5pm.

With some flashing lights featured in the light shows throughout the festival the ‘Relaxed Nights’ will offer families an opportunity to view the light attractions with quieter music and fewer lights.

For anyone overwhelmed by the lights or simply looking some chill out time a Quiet Space will be installed in Market Square on both nights which is designed to provide a safe space for those individuals who experience light and /or sound sensitives or those with special needs such as autism, hearing sensitives or visual impairment and who wish to enjoy the festival in a more relaxed environment.

Chairman of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council’s Development Committee, Alderman William Leathem, comments: “The Council has worked with local schools and other support agencies to develop the concept of the relaxed nights, creating a quiet space and reducing the sensory aspects of the light show. There will also be a story board to view in advance so people can familiarise themselves with the festival before they visit. It is important that everyone is given the opportunity not only to experience the Lisburn Light Festival but to enjoy it as well.”

“There are lots of other activities and events on during the festival and opportunities to visit shops and restaurants as they open later into the evening so there really is something for everyone”, he concluded.

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