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A few simple steps is all it takes

October 26, 2015

A new campaign launched today by the PSNI and Lisburn & Castlereagh Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) is encouraging the public to take a few simple steps to protect their home, their family, and their belongings from opportunistic crime. Approximately one third of domestic burglaries across Northern Ireland are committed because home owners leave doors and windows open, however in recent times in Lisburn and Castlereagh specifically, this has increased to one half.  The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the crime prevention measures that can be taken to keep people and property safe, and particularly for our older people.

Lisburn & Castlereagh PCSP working with Local Policing Teams will be running local initiatives to support the campaign.  PCSP Chairman Councillor Scott Carson said:

“Recent statistics show that domestic burglary, particularly against older people, is continuing to increase across the District.  This is a concern for the PCSP and we are delighted to be working with the local PSNI on this campaign to raise awareness of the simple steps you can take to lessen your chances of falling victim to crime. 

"Our involvement will bring a local focus to the problem and help not only to increase awareness of domestic burglary in our area, but also highlight the important role our PCSP has in making the community safer.

"Simply checking and securing your back doors and windows and security marking your valuables will help to prevent burglaries in your home. With a focus on protecting your belongings the campaign also highlights the importance of protecting elderly members of your family against burglary and what steps to take to ensure they stay safe in their home.

"I would urge everyone to take heed of the practical advice on offer to better protect yourself, your family and your belongings. All it takes is changing a few simple things in your daily routine to help you and your family feel safer.”  

Domestic burglary against older people has increased compared to last year. In respect of the total number of burglaries across Lisburn and Castlereagh from April to September, the number has increased by 36%, bringing the total number of burglaries to 302.

District Commander for the area Superintendent Sean Wright, PSNI said: “If a burglar can literally walk into your home because it isn’t secure, then they will take the risk. Don’t give criminals an opportunity. A good way to start preventing burglary is to make sure your home is secure. Close and lock all windows and doors at night or when you are leaving your home, even if it is only for a short time. It can only take minutes for a burglar to target your home, gather your valuables, your car keys and then your car.

“Being a good neighbour can also help protect homes in your area. Report any suspicious people or vehicles and where possible make a note of vehicle registrations if you are concerned.”

To find out more about how you can protect ‘your home, your family and your belongings’ you should contact the PCSP through the Council, your local crime prevention officer or policing team on 101. 

Councillor Scott Carson, Lisburn & Castlereagh PCSP Chairman is pictured with Chief Inspector John Wilson launching the local burglary awareness campaign.