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Weather Update - Council Parks Closed Wednesday 19th September

Weather Update - Council Parks Closed Wednesday 19th September

September 18, 2018

An Amber medium likelihood of medium impacts Wind warning has been issued for Northern Ireland valid 08:00 until 17:00 Wednesday 19th September.

The public are reminded to monitor the Met Office forecasts for their area and to be aware of the weather conditions and to heed safety warnings.  Please click here for further information.  

Members of the public should note the following numbers in case of an emergency:

Flooding Incident Line – 0300 2000 100
Northern Ireland Water Waterline  03457 440 088
Emergency services – 999 or 112
Housing Executive – 03448 920 901
Northern Ireland Electricity Networks – 03457 643 643
NI Gas Emergency Service – 0800 002 001



Due to the amber weather warning for high winds tomorrow (Wednesday 19th September) all Council parks and open spaces will be closed all day on Wednesday, reopening on Thursday.

Members of the public should not enter these parks during these times and avoid open spaces during high winds given the potential danger of falling trees and flying debris.

We would also like to remind residents to secure any outdoor equipment etc that may be at risk of lift during high periods of wind tomorrow.

As we move into tomorrow, arrangements due to the weather, may be subject to change so please check back for any operational updates. 

Further information is also available at


The Council apologizes for any inconvenience caused but the safety of residents and park users remains paramount.



During high winds, bins and kerbie boxes with a minimal amount of waste can be blown over, especially the mixed dry recyclable bin which contains lighter recycling materials.

The Council recommends that bins and kerbie boxes be brought back in as soon as possible after they have been emptied to avoid them blowing over, causing obstructions on roads or damage to property.

Residents are reminded that should they think their bin/box could be blown over during periods of high wind to consider waiting until the next scheduled collection day or taking their waste to one of the Council’s Household Recycling Centres.

If a resident’s bin or kerbie box does need to be emptied we would advise that they: 
• Make sure the bin/box is closed and secure.
• Present your bin on the morning of collection and do not leave out overnight if possible.
• Bring your bin/box in as soon as possible after collection.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.