Schedule of Meetings

Members of the public are welcome to observe Council and Standing Committee meetings from the viewing gallery in the Council Chamber.  In line with the Local Government (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of District Council Meetings) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020 meetings continue to be livestreamed.

Please note that, unless the item on the agenda is considered under confidential business, meetings will be live broadcast.  Members of the public should be aware that they are likely to be captured on the livestream.  

When it has been agreed to schedule a meeting, the date and time will be listed below. Five days before each meeting the agenda and relevant reports will be uploaded, and on the day of the meeting a link to the live stream will be provided.

Following the meeting, the recording and minutes of the meetings will be available on the Minutes & Audio Recordings page within the usual timeframe.

All council meetings will now be available to watch via live stream.  The public gallery has re-opened for all council meetings.
Please note: the live stream will only be available to watch throughout the duration of the meeting. Recording of these meetings is strictly prohibited.