The Mayor, Councillor Nicholas Trimble has announced his Mayoral Charities as Lisburn Foodbank and Dundonald Foodbank.

The Mayor has chosen to support local foodbanks as the sad reality is that many are going to face increased financial hardship because of Covid-19 and the struggle to put food on our tables will become too great for some.  He believes it is deeply lamentable that we live in a world where foodbanks have to exist, but he is so thankful that they do.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact upon all of us, not simply in terms of our health and social norms, but it has left many of us in significant financial distress due to the loss of jobs and businesses. The foodbanks are a very real lifeline for many people across our community and the numbers who avail of their services has seen a sharp increase in recent months. Unfortunately social restrictions have meant that the Mayor's Office has been unable to organise or host as many fundraising events to support the Foodbanks as in previous years, however the Mayor urges local residents and business to do what they can to support these charities if they are able to do so.

If you are interested in helping with fundraising for these two foodbanks or contributing to the Mayor’s Charity please contact the Mayor’s Secretary on T: 028 9244 7331 or email:


If you would like to donate to the Mayor's Charities this can be done online at: and

More information on the two foodbanks can be found online at and