Volunteering and recruitment

We have had a fantastic community response to supporting our local community to date. You can play a vital role in volunteering or applying for jobs in our health and social care system.


Volunteer Now has launched a new online campaign #HelpEachOther to support those who wish to volunteer for COVID-19 related opportunities and also for those organisations which require the support of volunteers to deliver their services to those who need it most.


The Health and Social Care Board has been working with the Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) to coordinate volunteer organisations who will support community pharmacies which have been experiencing a very high demand for their services. Under this arrangement, the CDHN will coordinate volunteer organisations throughout Northern Ireland to collect and deliver medication to patients and provide volunteer support to help within community pharmacies. This could include assisting controlling the numbers allowed into pharmacies to maintain social distancing requirements. Community groups with Access NI checked volunteers and pharmacies can find out more about the scheme at:



The HSC Workforce Appeal has been established by the Department of Health to manage the recruitment and deployment of healthcare professionals and non-healthcare workers across the health and social care system during the outbreak of Covid-19.


Stress Control for volunteers including call handlers

A new online programme of stress control classes has been developed to support people during the response to coronavirus (COVID-19), recognising the impact that the pandemic and changes to our lifestyles is having on mental health.

The free online stress control classes are being supported by the Department of Health, Health and Social Care Board, Health and Social Care Trusts and Public Health Agency and are aimed at supporting people’s mental wellbeing at this time of massive uncertainty.

The classes, presented by Dr Jim White, a clinical psychologist, will be available at www.stresscontrol.org.  Simply click on the subscribe button and you will be kept up to date with the latest videos when logged in to YouTube.  The classes can be watched either in the afternoon or evening and each class lasts for one and a half hours.

These sessions are effective in helping to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Topics covered include an overview of what stress is, controlling your body, your thoughts, controlling your actions,  techniques to get a good night’s sleep. Stress control is a class, not ‘group therapy’.