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Reynolds Sports Brings Composite Hurl to the Market

Barry Reynolds of Reynolds Sports has designed a composite hurl for the global marketplace after taking part in the Go for It programme, which helped him develop his business plan.  He has identified a niche in the marketplace as annually 750,000 ash hurls are sold across Ireland, North America, the Far East and Australia with at least 350,000 of these in Ireland.

A composite hurl offers a replacement to the traditional ash hurl which is in short supply due to a growth in the sport and the quality of the ash available.  Ash offers flexibility and strength whilst being lightweight but a 40 year old ash tree will only make six hurls from its roots. 

Barry has been working with Denroy Plastics in Bangor to create the ideal injection mould for the perfect hurl.  Having created the correct prototype Barry has undertaken marketplace testing with well-known players Antrim hurler Neil McManus, along with Kilkenny's Richie Hogan and Seamus Callanan, three-time All-Star and last year's Man of the Match in Tipperary's All-Ireland final.  Each of these players are on board with the composite hurl which can be made in heavy, medium and lightweight with grips to the player’s preference. 

Councillor Uel Mackin, met with Barry to view his product and said: “It is very interesting to see a local business bring a new product to the marketplace after participating in the Go for It programme.  Barry has invested significant capital of his own in producing the injection moulds for his composite hurl which is robust and has been successfully field tested. 

“Barry was saying the hurly players had forgotten within 20 minutes they were playing with a composite hurl instead of a traditional ash one.  Barry’s projections for his first year of commercial manufacture of his hurls is significant and I wish him every success with his business.”

If you live in the Lisburn Castlereagh area and fancy starting your own business then please contact the Go for It programme on 0800 027 0639 or log  on to

Barry added: “I found the meeting with the Go for It business advisor to be helpful in terms of developing a business plan, identifying potential market share and sales projections.  The idea of the composite hurl is to continue to give hurlers the same feel as an ash hurl. This model, ash or not, can still be sanded, bent and can be individualised.  It is also more durable so players won't have to purchase a new one for every other game. 

“I am delighted that my composite hurl has been accepted by key players and the many retailers and clubs I have visited are very interested in this product which can be tailored for younger players who require a stiffer hurl as they learn the sport.”

The Reynolds Hurl can be purchased online via