New Decorating Business 'PaintPal' Took Part in the Go for It Programme

Michael Carson had the idea to become a painter and decorator after he was made redundant.

While employed Michael undertook decorating tasks as a hobby for family and friends.  This came him a flavour for the demand in this profession and confidence to contact a local business adviser to avail of the Go for It programme.

Councillor Uel Mackin, Chairman of the Council’s Development Committee met Michael and speaking about his business said: “It is very daunting to find yourself redundant after working in a role for 29 years but Michael did not let that stop him.  He put his skills of managing staff, record keeping, finance and colour schemes to use in his new business PaintPal. 

“The flexibility of being self-employed is suitable for Michael’s work life balance and he has a steady flow of indoor and outdoor decorating jobs.  He works for private and commercial customers across the Lisburn Castlereagh area, Greater Belfast and North Down areas.  Having met Michael it is evident he is passionate about what he does and he is organised so clients can expect quality workmanship and I wish Michael every success for the future in his business venture.”

By taking part in the Go for It programme Michael was able to work with a business adviser to compile a business plan to identify the start-up capital required to become self-employed and the potential income to ensure a viable business.

Michael speaking about his business and the Go for It programme, said: “The Go for It programme enabled me to gain the knowledge I needed to start and build my own business.  My advisor helped me draft a business plan, gave me advice on tax returns and national insurance payments, advised me on setting up business accounts with my local bank and traders and thought of ways I could advertise PaintPal in order to grow my business.  Speaking with my advisor gave me the confidence I needed to start up PaintPal.”

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