The Council is now offering a bespoke package of support for local companies to develop viable commercial projects

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council can help shape the future direction of your business through their new business support programme ‘Business Solutions Innovation Programme’.

The Business Solutions Innovation Programme offers businesses in the Lisburn & Castlereagh Council area a bespoke package of support which will help them to develop viable commercial projects and identify the funding to deliver these.

At the recent programme launch representatives from Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, Lisburn Enterprise Organisation, Invest Northern Ireland and South West College’s InnoTech Centre provided advice to local businesses on the wide range of funding available to support innovation, including through the Business Solutions Innovation Programme.

Specialist assistance can be provided in areas including: innovative product and component design, prototype development and product testing. The programme is funded by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council and delivered by South West College InnoTech Centre, in conjunction with Lisburn Enterprise Organisation.

Alderman Allan Ewart, Chairman of the Council’s Development Committee, speaking at the launch, said: “This programme is one of many business support programmes available from the Council’s Business Solutions Team.  It is aimed at promoting growth for your business, creating employment and contributing to the local economy. We want to ensure that local businesses tap into the support available for R&D and innovation and we are keen to remove any barriers preventing businesses in our council area from innovating.”

One excellent example of a local business who has utilised the support available from Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is local business ‘The Extra Click’. The business received support through the Council’s previous innovation programme, Lisburn Future Industries. The business has developed an innovative ratchet safety aid, designed to eliminate stress on a driver’s body, over tightening of the ratchet, which can lead to breakages, as well as ensuring that all cargo is securely held in place during transport. Through the technical support provided by the South West College InnoTech Centre, the company were able to test their product and confirm it lived up to its claims.

Dr John Harrison, Programme Manager at the InnoTech Centre, said: “The programmes focus is to provide businesses with expert technical assistance and knowledge required to develop new products and processes. We aim to guide businesses up the ‘innovation escalator’ and support them to access a range of funded support for innovation.”

For further information about the Business Solutions Innovation Programme visit

To apply for the support available under the programme please contact Aisling Owens at Lisburn Enterprise Organisation on 028 9266 1160 or email