Business Leaders Attend Digital Age Event

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council was delighted to host the recent Management Month event in partnership with the Management & Leadership Network (MLN) held in Lagan Valley Island.

Entitled ‘Leadership in the Digital Age – Realigning Business Strategy’ this was a very popular event with representatives present from sectors such as manufacturing, finance, banking, communications and training.

The guest speakers were Professor Mark Durkin from Ulster University; Chris Martin,, Brian Ambrose OBE from Belfast City Airport and James McWhinney from BeingOnline. The combined experience of the panel covers decades in leadership and established success in the digital world.

Alderman Allan Ewart, Chairman of the Council’s Development Committee speaking about the event, said: “The business world is changing and there is a requirement to become comfortable with digital media to address the needs and wants of customers.  Embracing new technologies and software platforms can be daunting but what was evident from the day is that if you don’t have the resource available to capitalise on the use of digital platforms then it is not an opportunity that should be embraced.

“Being a business leader means staying on top of trends and legislation and knowing the right time to enter new markets or in this instance use new marketing platforms.  Online media gives customers more empowerment and the use of online ordering, Facebook and Twitter allows the opportunity to engage with your business 24/7, which means you need to have a plan in place to respond to their orders and comments even if it is just a holding message or an order confirmation email.

“I would like to thank the MLN for working with the Council on this event and securing a skilled and knowledgeable panel of speakers.  The feedback received from participants at the event was that it was beneficial and has given them ‘plenty of food for thought’ or should I say identified ‘new tools for their toolbox’,” concluded Alderman Ewart.

The importance of best practise when using digital media is to deliver the right message at the right time!

Paul Davies, Barclays; Gary McDonald, Helios; Ciaran Doherty, Helios and Graeme McLaughlin, Barclays Corporate.


Kevin Neill, First Sales Consult; Heather Dempster, Javelin Success; Brendan Mooney, The DAS Group and Martin Hutchinson, Transport Training Services.


K-Bend representatives Debbie Wilson, Carolyn McFall and Niamh Ann McNally 


Neal Brown, RSA Group; Mark Lynes, i3 Digital; Stephen Harrison, DFPNI and Jim Mallon, Centre for Appllies Learning.

Jonathan Rogan, MXA Digital; Bill McShane, Asdon Group and Michelle Fillippi, MF Communications.